Yoga Teacher Training Course

The Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship provides for its members a Yoga Teacher Training Course that has been designed to cover all aspects of Yoga in as concise and as practical way as possible. The course is structured as follows:

  1.   A correspondence course consisting of three parts

 2.   A practical course requiring mandatory attendance of training and workshop days

 Yoga teacher training

1.   The Correspondence Course:
  It is important for yoga teachers to have a firm understanding of their subject. To help ensure our teachers have a clear working knowledge and feel confident to pass this
 on to their students, a number of essays must be submitted covering a variety of relevant topics.

The first manual (part one), is entitled 'Philosophy of Yoga';
the second (part two), 'Hatha Yoga & Meditation';
the third (part three), 'Anatomy, Physiology and Teaching Procedures'

Trainees are allotted a tutor for each part of the course who will be there to offer guidance and support if necessary.

The fees for the three parts are based not only on production of manuals and administrative costs but also on the amount of work that is likely to be incurred by the Course Tutors.

  • Course Fee - Part 1 CYF Manual £100 
  • Course Fee - Part 2 CYF Manual £150 
  • Course Fee - Part 3 CYF Manual £70 
  • Course Fee - Final practical assessment £50 (minimum, depending on distance travelled by assessors) 

2.   The Practical Training Course:  Is run over three years and is a rolling programme which may be joined at any point. There are three training days and two workshop days each year, (see CYF Events Calendar). A day of first aid training is also offered at the beginning of the second year. Throughout the course trainees must undergo a further 200 hours of practical training by attending regular hatha yoga classes taught by a qualified yoga teacher. Attendance of CYF seminars and any related yoga workshops may be counted towards the 200 hours, provided proof of attendance is in evidence.

Yoga teacher training

  • Training/workshop days £25 per day 

Throughout the three years training days aim to cover: 

  • the Pavanmuktāsana Series/ joint freeing & warming up. 
  • all posture groups 
  • a number of pranayama techniques                                              
  • relaxation and yoga nidra 
  • concentration and meditation 

Also included will be information on the practicalities of running a class, insurance requirements and some ideas of how to market yourself as a yoga teacher.

Throughout the three years the workshop days aim to broaden your teaching practice, focusing on more specific areas and will include:

  • integration of less mobile students 
  • a morning of pranayama and an afternoon of anatomy 
  • a morning of pranayama and an afternoon of physiology 
  • bandhas, mudras, kriyas and chanting 
  • planning the flow: vinyasa and dynamic sequences 
  • Yoga for pregnancy 

A first aid training day will also be offered during the three-year course.  The cost of this may vary but is usually around £40.

New trainees joining the CYF Yoga teacher training course will be required to show that they have attended a Yoga class for 2 years with a recognised Yoga Teacher prior to applying for enrolment on the course.

The above is designed to make available the best possible level of teaching for trainees and feedback from those attending will be welcome. 

The CYF is a small and friendly organisation and we want this time to be enjoyable and fun. It will, hopefully, be a personal journey of self-development, one to be savoured and relished. Our aim is for our teachers to conduct their classes safely and with due care (ahimsa) and in the true spirit of yoga (satya).

New applicants must be members of the CYF (annual subscription fee £15) and remain members throughout the duration of their training.

If you are interested in applying for a place on the CYF Yoga teacher training diploma course, please click on the link below to download the questionnaire and either email it as an attachment to the email address on the form, or you may print it off and post it to the address on the form.  If you would like further information before deciding to apply for a place on the CYF teacher training course, please view or download our Course Information Booklet.  Should you have further queries after reading our Information Booklet, please email Julie Gater, our Education Co-ordinator (Secretary).

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