A Brief History of the CYF

The potential existed for an organisation like the C.Y.F, many years prior to its inauguration on the 14th September 1987. Several teachers in the past have recognised the need for a Yoga Teaching organisation, that was devoid of red tape and whose aim was quality rather than quantity and which would enable students to share experiences with people of like minds.

It was during 1987 that a group of like minded people agreed to a meeting at Faith House with Ted and Joan Lovett, Gordon & Pam Smith, and other teachers from the Northwest, North Midlands, and North Wales. After an exchange of ideas the C.Y.F became a reality and one of the first things that was recognised was that most Yoga Teacher Training Courses had become long and cumbersome and very expensive.

Ted Lovett was an experienced teacher, lecturing on a wide range of Yogi and theosophical subjects. Gordon Smith also had been studying/practising and teaching Yoga from the late 50’s. Between them they started work on a Yoga Distant Learning Course and ably assisted by Joan Lovett the Course soon became a reality and has since been studied world wide and acclaimed by many as to its excellence.

Its principle founders and members was its original Chairman Ted Lovett followed by Joan Lovett, Ron Page and Pam and Gordon Smith with several other supporting and teaching members.

One of the first ventures was a quarterly bulletin in which it was hoped that students would contribute and express their ideas, as well as the insights they had gained from Yoga. This was to make the bulletin a platform for all, with traditional Yoga articles as well as providing the opportunity for Teachers and Students to give the benefit of their experience to the whole of the Yoga Community.

The Distance Learning Course continues to grow in strength, as students enrol from all over the U.K and further afield. The annual seminars and AGM together with training and workshop days are held in Acton Parish Hall, nr. Nantwich, Crewe. For those who have reached the required Teaching Standard, there is moderately priced Insurance Cover.

Yoga classes in Cheshire, Staffordshire, Chester, Wirral, Merseyside,

The CYF continues to make progress and Saraswati Neville during her period as Chairman, worked with Joan Lovett to update and re-package the Teacher Training Course. The course has since been updated once again and now consists of a well structured three-year programme.  Whilst the core components of the course remain unchanged, the CYF is constantly striving to keep abreast with any changes in the thinking of teaching postures and makes adjustments accordingly when new and proven developments become known. 

The CYF is now in a unique position to grow and expand with older members at the helm as well as younger and energetic members forming part of the team.

The aims of the CYF are to provide a service on a non-profit making basis as well as operate in a spirit of friendship and fellowship, both within the membership and with other Yoga organisations.


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