Blessed are the Peacemakers.

These words are the teaching of the Yoga master Lord Buddha who taught
more than two thousand years ago.

Like a light they are still here today to guide us towards the path of love and peace.....

With our thoughts we make the world.
If we speak or act with a harmful thought, trouble follows us.
With our thoughts we make the world.

If we speak or act with a harmonious thought,
happiness follows us like our own shadow, never leaving us.

If we regularly say to ourselves "He /she/they hurt me, beat me, robbed me.
Look how he/she /they abused and injured me" And we live with those thoughts,
we will never know peace and will never stop hating.

If we refuse to entertain such thoughts of how the world/ our acquaintances/
relations/family and or friends mistreat us, if we resist the temptation
to dwell upon such thoughts and bravely abandon them,
our hatred and suffering will cease. We will live in peace.


Hatred can never overcome hatred.
Only love can bring the end of hating.
Only love

This is the eternal law.

When we do harm we suffer.
When we do good things we are happy.
Be happy, stop suffering.


Contemplate your peaceful path ahead, through your peaceful doing.

All the holy words we read and all the holy words we speak are as nothing if we do not act upon them.

Even if we read very little and say very little, but live in peace, forsaking hatred, we will know truth, find calmness, and will naturally show others the way of love.

To be peaceful, content, loving, we must be mindful and watch ourselves.

Meditate in your wisdom,..............Realise the highest happiness.

Stay awake, watch and reflect.
Watch yourself with careful attention.

In this way you will find the light within yourself.
With that light, you can brighten the world.

Who will transcend the sorrow of the world?

Who will find the path of peace and love? ........................You will.

yoga teaching course

Two lotus

Even as with these flowers you have discovered some of the finest and most beautiful of this world, so you will gather the teachings of peace, of beauty, compassion and joy transcending the world of suffering.

Just as seeing the beauty in these flowers, see the beauty in others

Do not remark on the faults of others.

Knowing that each of us has done wrong things. Then overlook the faults of others, see their beauty, and live in peace and love.


How brightly the lotus flower, symbolising our love grows in the wayside of our minds besides the rubbish of our fears. Its sweet scent, lightens the heart.

With our love, we can shine in the darkness of our sorrow, spreading the sweet scent of our love our wisdom.

The wisdom of knowing hatred can never overcome hatred. Only love can bring the end of hating. This is the truth.

The eternal law.


Still and calm is the one who lives in love.
His/ her mind is peaceful and his/her words and deeds reflect this.
Whenever we live in love , life is delightful and joyful.
To live in love we must conquer hatred within us.
Through looking at ourselves, through honest self-awareness, through meditation we find love.
He/she who conquers him/herself is the greatest warrior.
The conquest of one’s own negativity and hatred is the path to peace.

Better than a hundred years of uncontrolled existence is one day of thoughtful and meditative life,
such as today.
Better to begin the next hundred years in peace, to live on in love.
Better to do good than harm, and better to do it at once.

Through and by ourselves we do harm and suffer.
Through and by ourselves we do good and live in peace.
Suffering and peace belong to oneself. No other can do it for us.
Only we can love and bring peace.
Our work is to discover ourselves to attend to living in love with all our heart.

The teaching of Universal peace is simple.
"Cease to do/ speak harm
Learn to speak/ do love.
Hurt none by word or deed and
Live in inner peace.
Live happily in healthy thoughts, free from greed, feeding instead on love.
Give up winning. Who can win or lose when we are all going to die?
Find strength in meditation.
Love cannot embrace without meditation.
Look inward, do your work of peacefulness attentively and live in quietness"

The light of love within you will light the world with peace.
Only love can bring the end of fear and suffering.....................Only love.

This is the eternal law’.

May we all find our strength to love and be guided by this wisdom to peace

Om Shanti

Ann Simmonett.


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