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 CYF Newsletters:  Spring and Autumn 2015

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 CYF Newsletters

 CONTENTS: Spring Newsletter 2015

Page 2:    A Word from the Chair (Phil McAree Chairman)
Page 3:    Comings and Goings on the CYF Committee changes to the CYF Committee
Page 4:    IYN Summer Yoga Festival
Page 5:    The Self Atman (Gordon Smith, Founder Member). We do not have a soul, as we are a
  soul that is a solo zone of Absolute Sentient Power ....
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Page 7:  Chakras  (Deb Jackson, Ed. Co for Training Days) Hatha Yoga is a process of
                   awakening the chakras .....
Page 10:
  The Yoga of Listening (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) Nada Yoga is listening for
  the subtle background of sound that underlies creation ....
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Page 13: New Lamps for Old
 (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) New lamps represent each
                    new birth and the light a level of Consciousness that derives from a source called the
                    Ancient of Days.
Page 14: Essay on Lower, Middle and Upper Lobal Breathing, (Essay submitted by Lisa
Page 18: How do you think Yoga will help improve the condition of a patient with a
  heart condition?
  (Essay Submitted by Samantha Wiltshire)
Page 20:   Brahman (Exerpt of an Essay subitted by Gill Drummond)
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Page 21:   Yoga is Good for your Heart (submitted by Gill Smith) Research has suggested that
                    having a regular yoga practice may help protect against heart disease ....

Page 22:   Confused about Fats? (Barbara Tomkinson) is saturated fat the demon we have all
  been led to believe? ....
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Page 26:   'Be Positive' (a poem submitted by Phil and Ange McAree)
Page 26:   'Reike Principles (a poem submitted by Gill Smith)
Page 27:   'Read this Slowly'  (Submitted by Gill Smith)
Page 28: 'United Nations' (submitted by Claudia Maranhao)
the first World Yoga Day is to be on
                    21 June ....

Page 29:  'Gratitude' (A poem submitted by KiTie)
Page 29: Hasidic Mondo 
An old Hasidic rabbi asked his pupils how to tell when night ended
                    and the morning began ......
Page 30:   You are what you eat (an illustration submitted by Gill Smith from www.the
Page 31:   G reen Lentil Casserole (recipe submitted by Gill Smith)
Page 31:  Sivananda Cookies (recipe submitted byLisa Russell)
Page 32:   Winter Fruit Cake (recipe submitted by Gill Drummond

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CONTENTS: Autumn Newsletter 2015

Page 3:    A Word from the Chair (Phil McAree Chairman)
Page 4:    Recent News 
Page 5:    Extra Seminar Day (with Swami Pete) 'Enlightenment, your true nature and the
                   easiest way to find it’ 
Page 6:    Donna Farhi, BringingYoga to Life (submitted by Sam Wiltshire)
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Page 7:    ARTICLES: Mountain Monk ---- ENKU (Submitted by Alison Lawson)  
Page 9:    Pranayama (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) Prana is very subtle, as it is the vital air
                   or life breath that energises and sustains all living things .....
Page 10:
Meditation changes your Brain Structure (submitted by Gill Smith)  Research has
                   shown that regular mediation makes physical changes to the brain’s structure and
                   function .....
Page 12:   Core Strength - What is it and why is it important in Yoga?  (Submitted by Gill
                    Smith) Correct form in any pose is important to ensure the core is engaged, supporting
                    the body and helping to prevent injury .....
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Page 14: Yoga for people with learning disabilities (Angela McAree Ed. Co. for Tutoring)  
                   a power point to show the basic history of yoga .... 
Page 19:  The Importance of Cholesterol (submitted by Barbara Tomkinson)  the question of
                   cholesterol and the role it plays in the functioning of our bodies
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Page 23: Spell Check does not rule OK? (submitted by Gill Drummond)  
Page 24: A short piece about a tiny creature with a mighty impact (Sunbmitted by 
                   Barbara Tomkinson).  The BBC televised a fascinating programme a few days ago called
                   ‘India: Nature’s Wonderland’. Besides being treated to amazing scenes of Indian wild
                   life, there came an unexpected eye-opening moment from a tiny creature, the
                   Himalayan Pika .....

Page 25:  Poems and Quotes a selection of poems and quotes for your enlightenment ....
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Page 27:
  Caldo Verde - Green Soup (submitted by Barbara Tomkinson)
Page 28: Spanish Stuffed Marrow (submitted by Gill Smith) 
Page 29: Pasta with Aubergine Sauce (submitted by Barbara Tomkinson)
Page 30: Yummy Fruit Pudding (submitted by Barbara Tomkinson)
Page 32:
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