cyf  Extra Seminar Sunday 2 July 2017:  cyf
 The CYF presents an extra seminar day
with guest teachers:  Lila and Martin
who will take us through a day of Mandala Gong Yoga

"  ... So Life’ DJ surprise us with different tune, sometimes it’s rock and roll, sometimes it’s a circular Dance, sometimes is a lullaby or just a deep Capella, sometimes it’s the sound of nature,  sometimes it just ring our bell and becomes SILENCE  or NOTHINGNESS and this is the time to hear our INNER SOUND.

Playing with Life’s DJ  really brings us this unique moment of EMBRACING THE NOW or BEING IN TUNE allowing us to receive the present tune of life that has been given to us and fully accepting the invitation. From here anything can happen because we are not in control of it, you become a partner with the flow of life, the ego has no play into this composition  because there is not a Maestro or Conductor , as the Flower of life or a Mandala there is no beginning or ending.

Be ready to listen and improvise with LIFE’S DJ anything could happen even the most challenge one-


But remember you are part of it!"

Please note: due to limited places we are asking members to book a place. Please contact Gill Drummond, Treasurer by email or by downloading a booking form.
email Gill Drummond 
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Non-Members welcome: £25 for the day
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No charge for members of the CYF.
£25 non-members
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