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Ann Simmonett CYF yoga teacher, Wallasey


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I have had a passion for yoga since 1980 when at the age of 20 I began practising at home from classical books. The fascination with all things yogic soon led me to various tutors where I settled into regular practice with the much revered yoga elders Pam & Gordon Smith of Faith House New Brighton, Wirral. They provided the firm foundation, values and grounding for what was to follow and I consequently began teaching yoga in 1996 at first voluntarily and then professionally in 1998 after completing the Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship Diploma (a Fellowship founded in part by Pam and Gordon Smith) .

By 2003 I had also completed a 3-year British Wheel of Yoga Diploma under the expert guidance of Richard Adamo. I will always recall one of the first things Richard advised: Not to just accept the ancient and modern yoga teachings and texts verbatim, or what he or any guru may say, but rather to really try to integrate as much of this ancient wisdom tradition into life so that there is an understanding, knowingness and truth in every cell of your being on a much deeper level. In order to adopt these ideas more fully, in 2004, after 24 enjoyable years working at the Land Registry, I decided that yoga had become more of a vocation in my life and so, with an absolute leap of faith, I decided to teach yoga for a living.

Over the years, I have trained extensively and undertaken continuous professional development courses with many specialist yoga tutors of various traditions and styles primarily in the UK, but also in India. I regularly attend yoga retreats hosted by Pam and Gordon where philosophy and yoga teachings, expounded by enlightened master Eugene Halliday, are brought to life at Tan y Garth Hall Meditation Centre in North Wales. And in 2004 I completed the BWY Pregnancy Module with Wendy Teasdill, and subsequently undertook additional training in holistic therapies allowing me to combine elements of each discipline within my yoga teaching, or vice versa, with very beneficial effects.

Many aspects of yoga pervade my focus in life – I am most passionate about the transformative and beneficial effects that yoga can bring to every level of being. I try to ensure that this is emphatically echoed in my work in the provision of sustainable, health giving and empowering yoga classes in the local community.

Now, having opened a dedicated yoga and wellbeing centre for the Greater Good of All, I am fulfilling a longterm goal. I'm devoted to yoga and my students, and am honoured to be able to do this nurturing work, where I hope my passion for yoga is evident and shines through. I'm so excited and grateful that I will be joined by various other therapists and teachers at Yoga You Sanctuary, most notably Pam & Gordon Smith, and their daughter Mandy – like a Pheonix arising from the ashes, you will witness a rebirth model of Faith House!

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