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CYF Yoga Classes with Ki Tie

Ki-Tie is a yoga teacher based in Chester and on the Wirral in the North West of England.  She has been practising restorative yoga for 48 years and conducts regular weekly classes.

About Ki-Tie: "When I was 8 years old and living in Hong Kong I experienced persistent ill health with tonsillitis.  My parent s felt it was appropriate to send me for Western  medication, as it was deemed the most advanced medical care.  I was given penicillin injections and medication frequently for around 4 years.  I was unable to act like a child because of illness.  Instead I became a watcher of life, contemplating people and life's journey.

I came to England at age 12 and my health transformed through the less polluted environment.  The new environment offered a  fresh start for me and I left my illness behind.  I experienced a new lease of life but I still retained my need for contemplation and stillness.

I have been practising yoga for 48 years and am an officially trained yoga instructor with the Comprehensive Yoga Fellowship (CYF).  My personal life experiences have taught me the true meaning of yoga and how to apply it to everyday life.  Whilst sharing my philosophies and way of life for many years throughout my varied career, it is ony in the last 13 years I started conducting structured restorative yoga classes.

Many people think of yoga as exercise and movement but I know that yoga is much more; it is a way of life.  I have used my beliefs to help many people who have been suffering from either physical or mental illnesses or emotional disturbance.

I have mentored many students and have empowered them to bring positive change and enabled them to reach their goals and ultimately achieve peace and fulfillment.

Philosophy: My new life in the west brought many new challenges and fears but my beliefs enabled me to focus on accepting the challenge and the fear and to work with them rather than fight them.  I became friends with my fears.

Through gentle but consistnet work with the body, I teach you how to let your beliefs work for you.

I have learnt to heal myself through experiences in life.  Whilst we all have different experiences, through my teachings, you can learn to heal yourself through your own experiences.

All experiences in life are gifts that bring lessons that enable us to achieve greater fulfillment.

Exercise relaxes the mind; the mind is the key to everything. the mind controls the body; the body is a reflection of the mind.  Mindsets are habits, habits we can reverse.

Once we have learnt, we can share.  Through your own peace; people around you will become peaceful.

Peace, calmness and positivity are contagious.

 Some Benefits of Yoga:    

Improved  flexibility
-  Self-improvement
-  How to meditate
- Lose or gain weight
- Gain confidence
- Learn to relax
- Develop inner strength

Lessons are relaxed, friendly and fun and open to anyone of any age and ability.  If preferred, personal consultations can also be conducted within your own home.

If you are ready to make a positive change in your life, take the first step and get in touch on:  07972 815 737

Love and peace

 Ki-Tie's Yoga Classes are as follows:

Yoga and relaxation sessions

Every Monday


Eccleston Village Hall,
Church Road, Eccleston, Chester. CH4 9HT

7 - 8pm


Thursday (Deep Relaxation)
1.45pm - 2.45pm
£6.00 per session


Every Tuesday
10.30am - 12 noon


Moreton Community Centre,
Maryland Lane, Moreton, Wirral. CH46 7TS
£6.00 per session

Open to adults of all ages and abilities
Please bring a mat and a blanket for relaxation.
Chairs will be available for those who prefer to be seated.

Call Ki-tie on: 07972 815 737

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