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 CYF Newsletters:  Spring and Autumn 2014

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 CYF Newsletters

 CONTENTS: Spring Newsletter 2014

Page 1:   Editorial (Gordon Smith, Founder Member)
Page 2:   Five Keys of Transformation (Pam Smith, Founder Member),
 The yogic practice, by
                  conscious application, enables the practitioner to overcome bodily, emotional and
                  mental inertia ....
Page 3:   Ill Health (Gordon Smith, Founder Member), tends to negate the cohesive forces that
                  link and hold the body in being; while Yoga, reversing this tendency ....
Page 4:  The Master Weaver submitted by Jenny Bull
Page 5:   I believe in Angels (Gordon Smith, Founder Member).  They are companions
                  of hope ....
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Page 6:    Pranayama (by Gordon Smith, Founder Member) power behaves in a way analogous
                   to the waves on the ocean ....
Page 7:
   The Guest House by 'Rumi'
Page 8:    Meditation - The Jupiter Breath (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) imparts a spirit
                   of openness and jolity ....
Page 8:    Lentils with vegies and zesty lemon, submitted by Gill Smith
Page 9:    Yogic Breathing, - An essay by Gill Smith
Page 12Circulating Prana (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) refreshing the light body will
                   help to improve health and physical well being .... 
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Page 13:  'Comes the Dawn' submitted by Lisa Russell
Page 14:  Meditation as Meditation (Gordon smith, Founder Member) practised as an
                   integral part of life and which guides our actions and decision making ....
Page 16:  Healing as a True Art (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) step into a template more
                   condicive to your wellbeing ....
Page 17:  Extract from Louise L. Hay's book 'You can Heal your Life' submitted by
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Page 18:  What are you worth?  Submitted by Lea Harding-Garzia
Page 19:  'The Invitation' submitted by Lisa Russell
Page 20:  Rada and Krishna - A Love Story and the Rasa Lila (Deb Auden, Ed. Co for
                   Training Days) There are many stories about Krishna and his playfulness ....
Page 22:  'God' submitted by Lea Harding-Garzia .... Read more on these pages

Page 23:  Kundalini and Divine Alchemy (Gordon Smith, Founder Member)  The heart, or
                   Anahata Chakra, holds the key to spiritual alchemy ....
Page 25:  Sanskrit - a brief introduction of why and how (Deb Auden Ed.Co for Training
Page 27:  Isha Upanishad - a translation
Page 28:  There are Two Paths (Gordon Smith, Founder M
ember) one is called the path of the
                   Moon and the other is called the Path of the Sun ....
Page 29:  Mushrom and Tarragon Pate from the BBC Good Food website
Page 30:  Oiling the Joints (Gordon Smith, Founder M
ember) is the loving approach to Hatha
                   Yoga .... 
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CONTENTS: Autumn Newsletter 2014

Page 1:    Editorial (Gordon Smith, Founder Member)
Page 2:    Extra Seminar Day with Dr. Peter Yates of the IYN
Page 3:    Yamas and Niyamas (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) gives form to the spirit ....
Page 4:    A Mandala (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) is sometimes referred to as a magic
                   circle and the special domain of any particular divinity
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Page 5:    Pralaya (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) is the passive phase when all
                   manifestations are dormant, it is a period of cosmic dissolution or turning away ....
Page 8:    The Quiet Mind (Gordopn Smith, Founder Member) enjoy the refreshing stillness of a
                   quiet mind, promotes health and put thw world back into perpspective ....
Page 9:    Jnana Yoga (Gordon Smith, Founder Member), A Jnana Yogi works as best they can
                   to transform their store of everyday knowledge into a body of wisdom ...
Page 10:  Kriya Yoga (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) is called the path of the good son and
                   referred to by Paramhansa Yogananda as the yoga of the householder ....
Page 12:  'You May Know Me' submitted by Barbara Tomkinson 
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Page 13:  Coping with Stress (Gordon Smith, Founder Member)  The word stress is from a
                   Latin root. strictus, from stringere, to draw tight ....
Page 15:  Dreamtime and Dreaming (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) is an important part
                   of sleep patterns, as dreaming is a safetly valve that helps relieve stress ....
Page 16:  Stress and Renewal - Keep up the practice of Savasana (submitted by Barbara
                   Tomkinson) deal with annoying day-to-day stress ....
Page 18:  Happiness as a Way of Life (Gordon Smith, Founder Member) affirms the positive
                   and adopts an approach to life in which one sees one's glas as being half full ....
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Page 19:  Ho'oponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of              
                   reconciliation and forgiveness
(Adapted from an article by Rosario Montenegro),
                   submitted by Barbara Tomkinson.
Page 22:  Let Consciousness be your Guide (Gordon and Pam smith, Founder Members).
                    ... is a Governing Concept worthy of adoption by anyone seeking guidance on the
                    spiritual journey of life ...
Energy and form flow together, from creative free spirit to
                    its manifestation in the world. The knowledge and comprehension of this relationship
                    arises out of the wisdom of Jnana Yoga. Bhaki and Jnana have a special relationship
                    at the heart of Yoga and the following short meditation will be a helpful reminder.
Page 24: Self Healing (Gordon smith, Founder Member) becomes a possibility when the
                    yoga technique of realignment occurs. This realignment is the union between purusha
                    that is the individual soul in its purest form and its primordial nature, or prakrti, the
                    subtle template that patterns the nature of each in the temporal world.
Page 25:  Cougette Soup
Page 26: The Lotus
(Gordon Smith, Founder Member) ...
represents spiritual enfoldment, and
                   each chakra or principle energy centre is represented by a lotus, which when its petals
                   are downturned, are coloured and influenced by the external world, and when bright
                   and upturned, as toward the Sun, are bright and life enhancing....
Page 28:  Useful Information on the CYF .... Read more on these pages ....